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Concept of Preservation and Development of Human Civilization

by Eric Asanbaev

Based on recent data the age of the Earth is 4.6 billion years; 3.2 billion years the Earth was inhabited by living creatures; the remainings of ancient apes that possess some human features are about 14 million years old; and the first humans appear around 40 thousand years ago.
At the beginning of the 3rd millennium and transition of the Fish era to the Aquarian era it is necessary to think conceptually about the past in order to draw useful lessons and ensure further successful development of human civilization. There are two opinions regarding the future of the human civilization. The new century and new era will be formed based on the prevailing opinion.
On one hand, the world believes in the religious idea of ​​Apocalypses, on the other hand
the world considers that as a result of ideological and economic victory of the western liberalism, humans are approaching stability and world relations are turning into the arena of spiritual and social convergence. The world as if it has drawn lessons from upheavals and wars of the 20th century intends to adopt the way of evolutionary transitions, once it realized the horror of the situation at which further existence of human civilization might become problematic.
However, the real events of the early XXI century, to put it mildly, do not reflect optimistic forecasts.  In everyday life people do not always remember about the impending global dangers. If an alarm is sometimes creeps into their souls, it is very fleeting: myopic frivolity, selfishness, huge number of everyday tasks and concerns about everyday life events push it out from the minds of even those who consider themselves to be forward-thinking strategists.
It is a pity. Time of existence of human species on Earth depends on the ability of people and their rulers to put the mind and the interests of civilization higher in priority than the seductive and destructive ambitions of self-interest of individuals, nations and states. As at present, it became apparent that the progress and future frontiers of science and technology can lead to self-destruction of Homo sapiens. To avoid this, humanity must learn to rise above their internal conflicts, divisions and extravagant designs, to create on Earth the general atmosphere of security, prospects and freedom.
Our human Universe, if it is viewed in terms of the physical Universe is negligible. Individuals, groups, nations, regions on this small piece of cosmic matter should live in harmony, in mutual correlation, without harming each other and our planet. The idea of ​​unified rational humanity was originally and concisely described by Goethe: "Only mankind together is the true man", and Erasmus of Rotterdam was the first author of a coherent concept of the Commonwealth of different nations and races. Unfortunately, this elementary truth is difficult for the world to comprehend, and therefore we are facing a seemingly absurd problem - salvation of mankind from the man himself! 
I.              Problem Formulation

The search for life elsewhere in the Universe has not yet brought any results. Space is silent, does not give reasons to suggest that there is somewhere another thinking mind ­- some extraterrestrial civilization. Our planet remains today the only living jewel of the Universe. The Universe, which is available to us based on the level of our scientific knowledge.

Hence - the preservation and further progressive development of a unique terrestrial civilization and all functioning on Earth forms of life is a universal problem of a mankind. Humans should not think only in terms of the lives of a couple of generations.
Man, anyhow, is committed to the Supreme Creator, the world's Logos, the rational space mind, the universal reasonability, etc. But do people, all human society, act according to the logic of a rational being? Reasons for such a question are abundant.
Religion, born from the belief in the Creator of life, despite its humane virtuous postulates and precepts, divides humanity and often served and continues serving the cause of bloody wars and ruthless terror.
Scientific discoveries, designed to bring people good, turn out to powerful weapons of mass destruction, catastrophic damage to ecological balance of the planet. Increased knowledge does not make it easier to live, anxiety does not decrease, and the effects of natural and social disasters are becoming more daunting.
Politicians elected to find peaceful solutions to conflicts, often putting their own ambitions, selfish and egoistic intentions as a priority, cause confrontation and military clashes of various scales and durations.
The rich, who based on natural laws of justice are supposed to share with the poor, instead of real help get away with meaningless declarations. As always, they treat poor with condescending arrogance caused by a sense of social superiority.
Similar pattern of behavior can be seen from prosperous countries, bringing all sorts of ideas of international cooperation, eventually leading to their greater advantage from the rest of the world. Various international forums and conferences on poverty reduction and the consequences of man-made destruction of the environment look more like elegant show for those same rich countries and people, rather than serious actions that address these extremely pressing problems of mankind. Representatives of non-governmental and international organizations from all over the world assemble with some regularity to discuss these problems. After long debates, acceptance of recommendations, abundant press coverage they leave until the next time, while the nations of the Earth do not feel and see real results from this.
To be fair it should be noted that such meetings do manage compel the wealthy states to allocate funds for this purpose, but most of it one way or another usually settles in the pockets of bureaucratic red tape that has developed in the world around these problems. Once funding transcends national boundaries, the fate of it rests in the hands of the local kleptocracy. As a result, people get an imitation of action, soap opera for the world community. This situation over the years was cemented by personal connections that have become traditional. Breaking this "practice" is possible only by doing something extraordinary.
The largest international organization - UN - with all its large-scale and high significance has become the center with a huge staff, increasingly turning into a self-serving organization. Today, its annual budget reaches 2.5-3.0 billion U.S. dollars, and the number of employees is 13-15 thousand people. But despite of this, UN cannot cope with its mandated functions, since its authority has little empirical, binding, while its decisions are largely of an appealing nature.
In this issue there is another important point. If from time to time some attention is paid to the dangers that arise from human activities on the Earth, in relation to the threats of an extraterrestrial, cosmic origin the human race behaves with the nonchalance of a child. These kinds of risks are taken care of by astronomic scientists, astrophysics, astrological-biologists and individual enthusiasts using modest funds and opportunities that they usually find on their own.
The likelihood of extraterrestrial threats is perhaps small, but if they suddenly become a reality, mankind would be powerless to avoid them. In other words, all the dangers threatening the civilization of the Earth have not been studied as a system. A well-established view of the Earth both as a single physical and a social body was not developed. The academician Vernadsky, who studied these problems in the general scientific and philosophical aspects, made such attempt. The mankind has yet to study the work of this great scientist, to decipher the specific aspects of his general thoughts, which went beyond the barrier of gravity and the usual close-mindedness in the vanity of the current problems. Vernadsky had, in my opinion, an amazing feature – he viewed everything that happened with the Earth and humanity through the lenses of his time, but at the same time towering over time.
Based on the mentioned above the general summary can be developed: people ­- seemly rational beings, have ignored and continue to ignore the most fundamental law of nature - the law of self-preservation.

* * *

For many years in my spare time I have sought to explore the work and personality of the academician Vladimir Vernadsky (1863, St. Petersburg, - 1945, Borovoye, Kazakhstan) - one of the greatest sons of the Earth, the author of unique global bio-conceptual research and scientific forecasts.
In autumn 2002, my old friend, one of the first metallurgists in Kazakhstan Nikolai Kanishchev – a great expert and follower of the Vernadsky teachings on the living matter and noosphere, expressed his disappointment that very few thoughts and ideas of this remarkable scientist find due attention and understanding. I agreed with his opinion and started thinking about feasibility of establishing a planetary Center of the Earth Civilization.
Later the logic of thinking about creation of the Center expanded the horizons of this goal and brought me to the problem of possible establishment of a "new world organization" as a global pre-condition for preservation and further development of human civilization. In other words - the concept of the world management of the life on this planet. In conditions of newly managed world Vernadsky phenomenon will be fully understood and claimed by humanity. In the meantime, his work has been underestimated in terms of their importance for revealing and solving global problems. The most central among them - the transition of mankind from the biosphere (the spheres of life) into the noosphere (the sphere of mind), understanding the concept of noosphere as more than a closed thinking shell of the planet, but rather the integration of the interaction of thought and work of the humanity aimed at active restructuring of biosphere and the cosmic expansion of the noosphere – the sphere of mind.
II.         Dangers that threaten humanity

Disasters continuously waiting and testing people, flora and fauna of our small planet - different in their scale, impact and descent. They can be divided into extraterrestrial threats and threats of terrestrial origin.
To extraterrestrial related hazards are originated from outer space and related primarily to the possible fall of large asteroids on the planet, as well as to meeting with comets and other space bodies. These threats may have spontaneous or predictable nature, but they have something in common - unfortunately, today humanity cannot divert them from their planet. And the most dramatic is that humanity is not seriously preparing to defend the planet against these threats, which in the past of the Earth lead to a shift of the poles, the geological transformation of the Earth's crust, the redistribution of land and water, change of climate, flora and fauna.
In the beginning of August 2002 the world was frightened by the announcement that asteroid 2002 NT 7 with a diameter of 2 km was moving towards the Earth and in February 2019 could crash into it, which would mean complete destruction of our civilization. Then an announcement came out reassuring that the asteroid will pass by the planet.
As reported in the media, NASA took under its control the tracking of asteroids with a diameter greater than 1 km. According to American scholars, today there are 1800 objects like that. By 2008, Americans have assumed to have their full listing. But the main thing is that in case of the threat of the possible collisions of large cosmic object with the Earth, humanity can never divert the uninvited alien body from its route, nor can it destroy this body by the special nuclear missile or take other effective measures. Total uncertainty and helplessness.
Or another aspect: practical observations revealed that a position of the planets and other celestial bodies with respect to themselves and the signs of the zodiac influences on the processes and events on the Earth. But how do they influence? What are their physical nature and action mechanism? This remains unclear. Maybe it has to do with specific electromagnetic or radio waves, or imposition of some forces of the wave nature of unknown origin? Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences Tatiana Chernoglazova (Almaty, Kazakhstan) using statistical sampling of the particular computer program with backward extrapolation established that every 500 years these same events are repeated on Earth. Why is this happening? Whether this posed any danger to earthlings, and whether you can use this trend in a useful way for human civilization?
A number of other similar unanswered questions were accumulated. They point out that there is every reason to focus on the issue of extraterrestrial threats to human civilization.
One group of dangers of terrestrial character are natural disasters, various natural hazards - earthquakes, droughts, floods, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, etc. with local consequences while there list is not extensive. So far people are virtually powerless to confront them.
Another group consists of numerous dangers posed by the consequences of human activity on the planet. This includes destruction of the environment, posing a threat to human life and all life on Earth. And the destruction of environment is usually performed with a full understanding of their disastrous results, but people are ignoring them, guided by a desire to obtain immediate benefits. This includes predatory deforestation for commercial purposes, thoughtless exploitation of other natural resources, weakening of the atmospheric ozone layer, desertification, ocean and air pollution, accumulation of radioactive and other hazardous wastes, use of toxic chemicals, production of deadly bacteria and viruses, as well as drugs, devastating especially for the young shoots of earthlings and their gene pool.
It is easy to notice that many dangers are a consequence of the imperfect establishment of human society, flaws of the outdated system of the world management, when the obvious truth is constantly disregarded. Politicians and leaders of multinational companies are usually to blame.
Pervasive poverty of the earthlings, increasingly vulnerable environment, destruction of their own people (e.g., the Soviet Union in the 30-ies, Rwanda in 1994 and Cambodia in 1974-1979) is the work of politicians, who live securely and comfortably themselves, while the population in many regions are writhing from hunger. The richest country in the world, trying to present itself as a savior to mankind, arrogantly ignored the World Summit in Johannesburg, and the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gases, as described in the European press, was made as an occasion for trading quotas for poisoning.  
Even our ancestors felt that man cannot harm nature with impunity.  Modern experience confirms the intuition of the ancestors, and shows that the natural world is not a bottomless source from which people can infinitely draw on, but an integral and interconnected system, part of which is man himself. Man cannot violate this system without negative consequences for himself. According to the forecasts of the Roman Futurists Club made in 1996, the humanity has only 50 years of carefree life, after which the irreversible ecological processes will begin.
One of the planetary catastrophes is drying out of the Aral Sea.
Because of the unwise policy of the Soviet period, the area of ​​the sea shrunk by 70%, salinity has raised three times, the area of 30 thousand sq.  km of salted sea bottom was exposed. The consequences of this terribly impact the environment and living conditions of the population. Every year, winds carry up to 150 million tons of salt and spread it the other regions, reaching even Mongolia. Drinking water is not suitable for nutrition, but other water is not available. Using this water and poisoned fish, the people in the region are increasingly exposed to many diseases, particularly infectious. Every tenth resident of Kyzyl-Orda region of Kazakhstan suffered a viral hepatitis, and the incidence of typhoid fever has increased fivefold. The only way to protect air, land and people from the consequences of drying sea - is to restore the Aral Sea to its old borders, which is beyond the capacity of only Central Asia states.
The increasing unease in the world is caused by the problem of poverty. Much of humanity approached the XXI century facing unacceptable poverty and caused by it psychological alienation from the surrounding peers. If you look deeper the causes of international terrorism come from the social issues – from the poverty, envy and hatred of poor to the rich, loser to winner, weak person to strong one, who happens to be stronger because it is rich and higher in the social hierarchy.
Robert McNamara, former U.S. Secretary of Defense and President of the World Bank, defined absolute poverty as "a condition of life so characterized by malnutrition, illiteracy, disease, squalid surroundings, high infant mortality and low life expectancy as to beneath any reasonable definition of human decency." There are approximately 800 million people on Earth who live below the "McNamara Line," excluding the hundreds of million people who do what they can to continuously struggle to meet the most basic needs. According to UNDP report dated 1997, a quarter of the world's population live in poverty, including 1.3 billion people who tried to survive on one dollar a day. 20% of the world's population received 1.1% of total world income vs. 2.3% in 1960, and the number of poor people to one wealthy has increased from 30 to 78.

But it does not mean that we should make a conclusion that the mankind is doomed. The world as a whole yet has enough resources to overcome this situation, if all states have the will to ensure fair usage of all available resources and those that may become available, rather than based on who got what from Mother Nature. The trend, when economically developed regions are faster and more advanced, while the backward and poor are on the same level or falling behind even further, should be changed.
The process of impoverishment of the population becomes a factor that destroys democracy. In Africa, for example, after the collapse of the colonial system because of the continuous poverty originally established democracy was replaced by the rule of militarist forces, and freedom was replaced with the rule of tribal and clan interests. Almost the same thing happened in the post-Soviet Central Asia.
It is clear that out of all the horrors of poverty hunger is particularly difficult to tolerate. According to Professor John Howe (University of Illinois, USA), each of the five earthlings do not have proper nutrition, daily more than 10,000 people die from malnutrition. Millions of people suffer from mental and other functional disorders due to insufficient and unbalanced nutrition. It turns out that indifference of wealthy nations and states indirectly kills many people. At the same time the right for food and housing are not only fundamental, but crucial, since unavailability of food and shelter makes all other rights meaningless.
The serious problem of hunger can be considerably muted, by regulating within certain limits childbirth and fertility regardless of religious prohibition, and gradually eliminating resource-wasting behavior, getting rid of pollution which does not have national boundaries, curbing the arms race. But this is cannot be achieved under the current organization of the world. The global community should decide to change the existing political and economic order and thus adequately respond to the challenge of time, avoiding censure by the new generations.
Humanity is going through a stage where its future depends on whether human prudence will prevail over local interests of the states, nations and clans, and whether the politics that takes into account long-term interests of humanity will replace the usual practice. Many of the problems created by the man cannot be solved due to the limitation of his thinking, selfishness, and suspicious economic and political structures that serve regional, local and group interests. Polarization process is not stopped, but goes further.
There are two abnormalities in the world, without addressing them it is difficult to call world “reasonable”.
The first is that every minute two children die of hunger while in general there is no absolute shortage of food.
Another is that in the conditions of millions of people starving, one trillion US dollars are spent every year on military needs and the largest part of the best engineers, scientists and technical personnel around the world works for the same purpose. With creation of nuclear and biological weapons for the first time people are not facing hypothetical biblical "Last Judgment" but the real danger of destructing the mankind as a biological species.
The human history encounters over approximately 14,500 small and big wars, peace was only for about 200 years. Neither century was destroying human life with such cruelty as last one. The world’s politics in the XX century are responsible for 250 wars and 110 million deaths. It is six times higher than in the XIX century, and exceeds the population of France, Belgium, the Netherlands and four Scandinavian countries. The number of civilians killed in these wars exceeds the number of military. Due to increasing lethality of the weapons the proportion civilian casualty is constantly growing: in 1960 - 63%, by 1990 - more than 74% and today the share is undoubtedly much higher.
In short, the world still lives based on the Roman military historian of IV-V centuries Flavius Vegetius’ ideology: "If you want peace, prepare for war." In the past 50 years after World War II, which for some reason are considered to be peaceful years, more than 150 wars that killed more than 20 million lives took place. The worlds accounts for tens of thousands of nuclear bombs that exceed one million Hiroshimas. Four tons of explosives for every earthling, including infants. Attempts to curb the ambitions and warlike passions were made back in ancient times. In particular, the Conference on Disarmament was held in China in 546 BC, in order to rescue the Chinese society from constant war between two great powers of Qin and Zhou eighty-eight years fighting with each other for supremacy.
Wars abruptly and violently take away millions of lives in different parts of the world, but they are especially horrifying because they push the states for creation of more and more devastating weapons of mass destruction that threaten the very existence of mankind and human civilization. Today it is becoming a reality, and there is no force in the world capable of stopping the madmen ­- states, multinational companies, scientific and technological centers, etc. The solution can be found only in correction of the course of civilization, in changing the principles of managing the life on the Earth.
Although we are talking about purely prosaic things, it would be appropriate for people today to hear a wise voice from the XIX century:
Were half the power, that fills the world with terror,
Were half the wealth, bestowed on camps and courts,
Given to redeem the human mind from error,
There were no need of arsenals or forts:
Henry Longfellow (1807-1882), American poet.
The Earth's resources are not unlimited, many of them are non-renewable. This requires a political decision of planetary scale and imperative nature in the area of demography. The problem of population growth is not the easiest part of the equation of global economic development.
At the beginning of XX century less than 1.7 billion people inhabited the planet. The number of earthlings reached 6 billion at the beginning of the new XXI century. Continuous uncontrolled growth of population means the multiplication of difficulties and afflictions of the mankind: illiteracy, unemployment, poverty, violations of environmental conditions. This is still the reality. It is therefore important not only to limit consumption within reasonable limits, but also consciously regulate the reproduction of the human race in line with fertility and other capacities of the planet.
Experts predict that the Earth's population will increase almost 4.5 times within the next 100 years. The dynamics is the following: in 1950 - 2.25 billion people, and in 2050 - 10 billion. The growth of volume of nutrition will not keep pace with the rapid population growth. There is a growing problem of providing people with normal drinking water, not to mention everything else.
The needs of people are about the same in any part of the world, but geographically the Earth's resources are distributed unevenly. Therefore, the already difficult situation is complicated by the fact that the rapid growth of population had and will continue to occur in areas with limited opportunities for food production – the poor regions. Fastest growing population is in Africa, Asia and in many poor countries of Central and South America.
According to UN experts population growth in the period of 1990-2025 will be characterized by the following indicators:
Growth of world population in 1995-2025

 Population, mln
Growth, mln people
Growth %

North and Central America
South America
Former USSR
In Africa, almost half (45%) of the population is younger than 15 years, Europe is in a different situation - a high proportion of older people who are not economically active. Destructive activities of mankind are close to the critical point beyond which it could be followed by a so called apocalypse, or the beginning of an entirely new civilization. Optimistic outcome is possible only if management of the life supporting areas on Earth is changed.
The acuteness of the problem of human survival is not only caused by the fact that the economic burden on the nature and extent of contamination have reached their limit, gaining a character of universal crisis, overcoming of which requires implementation of global preventive and remedial measures. It is getting worse with the growing process of destruction of the genetic basis of biological or human health. In the race for profits the biological essence of people, in whom employers see well-working machines, is ignored. Uncontrolled and camouflaged process of human enslavement through economic shackles, through forcing them to borrow for live, transforming their personality from the "homo sapiens" status to consuming creatures, forcing them into a vicious circle where in order to live as everyone else, a man is forced to take loans and pay it off. The rate of genetic abnormalities growth, leading to degradation of future generations, is becoming more dangerous.
Another major concern today is the development of biotechnology, especially neuropharmacy with its psychotropic drugs that specifically alter the behavior of people, which bares the risk of degeneration of the "homo sapiens", the risk of losing the elements of human race.
Many developed countries have a deficient system of social relations, the prevailing cult of practicality disables them from the simple human joys, creates a shortage of communication and loneliness. A human is a social creature and it is inhumane to deprive him of a collective consciousness, which only gives meaning to his existence. Realizing the obvious truth, humanity could save itself and the world around it. Therefore, the upcoming new system of world governance is also a system of organizational and psychological nature.
III. "The new organization of the world" as a precondition for the preservation and development of human civilization
Time to give a fresh look at the old problems, time to see them in the system and in the correlation, rather than in a rigid plane of established attitude. More than half a century ago Vernadsky wrote: "The issue of a planned, unified activity to master nature and proper distribute its wealth, is associated with a sense of unity and equality of people, the unity of the noosphere, and became important on the agenda."
Under the current system of management of the planet, with isolated and almost completely free in their actions states, it is almost impossible to change anything, to achieve the implementation of joint rational actions of a planetary scale.
For example, during the Stockholm Conference in 1972 representatives of 113 countries reached an agreement to establish the planetary policy and ensure a relative balance between consumption, population and capacity of the Earth to sustain life. This policy was aimed at overcoming poverty, enhancing environmental protection and sustainable development. Since then 30 years has passed. “Earth Summit-92” in Rio de Janeiro, which adopted the "Agenda 21", as well as the meeting of world leaders in 2002 in Johannesburg concluded that the growth of poverty, hunger, diseases and illiteracy in the world did not decrease, and the inequality between rich and poor has not reduced. All these initiatives have proved to be nearly fruitless.
The world, if it wishes to trust its fate to a spontaneous process, a random set of circumstances, can be saved only by an absolutely extraordinary step. Such a step is "a new organization of the world," which will prevent determining the future of the world by a fatal chance. It will put obstacles for despotism and tyranny of rulers and other high level officials, and help protect from them people in countries with weak democratic traditions.
When the Bible preaches about the second coming, perhaps it is the birth of new and morally healed humanity with the change of the public face of the Earth and the social landscape of human society. Prevailing in developed countries philosophy of individualism, where each person fights against another is certainly good for encouraging entrepreneurship and creativity, but at the same time it encourages a lot of vices, weakening the strength of its moral principles. "The new organization of the world" will promote a unified prudent humanity. Ambitious extremism of certain nations should not be disregarded. Remember the long-term war of Napoleon Bonaparte to increase the greatness of France, the theory of the Aryan race used by Hitler to justify his aggressive plans. And the Old Testament preaching about exclusiveness of particular nations should not be taken seriously.
The world had hoped that with disappearance of one of the two superpowers life on Earth will be streamlined, with less conflicts and clashes. However, neither peace nor stability has increased on the Earth. There is still no general concept of the global community in the new system of coordinates. External behavior of the leading states is still determined by domestic rather than planetary interests and contradictions and makes the world politics opportunistic and unstable. With the development of civilization and growth of the power of technical knowledge, the world becomes more vulnerable, its dependence on the reckless actions of any of the militarized state is increasing.  

This is one of the most serious challenges, requiring the reform of the global governance, establishment of joint global government institutions, which could take on global solutions and have the power to enforce them.
Due to voluntarism and isolation of the states’ interests, the world today has no ability to control technological development. The decisive motive for the use of a particular technology primarily represented by the criteria of profits. And today, people live in established by them artificial technological world, transforming nature into our lives in a way which is not always beneficial for us. The peoples know almost nothing about the science of national military-industrial complexes, where everything is covered with a dense veil of secrecy that may allow, if desired, even a criminal nature of research.
Undoubtedly, the present and the future of humanity depend on the development of engineering and technology. But this process must be fully controlled from the standpoint of planetary implications, not just meet the interests of producers, thereby as a rule allowing the technological systems develop and operate autonomously. Where does a particular technology take us and what are the consequences for the humanity? This should be determined by scientific, technical and economic experts in view of planetary interests. But here, the recommendations of experts need to be enforced by the world authorities, which possess the legal status that allows them to direct other regional bodies to act based in the results of the expertise.
Preservation of the human species requires a radical restructuring of the world governance. By making such alterations, mankind would show to elementary prudence: to tremble before the inevitable death is a sad ability of only thinking creatures, animals are not afraid of death as such, but only react to a direct threat.
Death and degeneration of nature under the pressure of hideous progress, highly cruel wars, the triumph of materialism and cynicism, the absolute disrespect to individuals and human life is the reality of the XX century and of today. They have triggered a crisis of confidence not only to social ideas, but also to basic logic. Taken together, the whole picture could not help but multiply the supporters of the modern French sociologist and anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss, who believed that the journey from primitive to civilized should not be regarded as progress.

The XX century encouraged the states to consider themselves as a part of a larger whole, unlike in the XIX century, when the countries were closed, and quite self-sufficient, relying on their sovereign right to organize their lives and stay independent from the rest of the world. However, the development of industrialization and division of labor quickly destroyed this isolation. In every living creature, especially in human, there are mechanisms which are triggered every time they approach a critical point. In animals such mechanisms are activated automatically. In humans, this occurs when they become aware or intuitively feel the dangers. This time for our civilization has come. Politicians and peoples, regardless of their ambitions, should start discussing a more reasonable management of the world. Dangers and sufferings experienced by the people should call for spiritual insight and encourage the formation of common global government and coordination of efforts while preserving the diversity of nations and states.

According to the famous British scholar Arnold Toynbee “interdependence and mutual obligations between the different parts maintain a healthy equilibrium of any organism. When the failure takes place and certain cells of the body begin to grow without control the body starts facing a mortal danger." This applies to the policies of the world and especially the United States. As mentioned above, after the collapse of socialism the humanity hoped that the world will be safer without two fighting parties. But the single polar power that remained started behaving differently, often ignoring the global public opinion. This, in addition to violations of international stability, corrupts the American nation, makes it opinionated with hints of superiority complex, and at times deaf to the voice of reasonable mind.
Establishment of specific planetary authorities would be an adequate response to the threats that face the existence of mankind and effective method of organizing international relations of any scale.
The western way with its cult of individual success will not contribute to political and spiritual unity of mankind, conversion of all the nations of the world into a single coherent system. At the same time the need to unite obvious, especially in the face of the race of nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, the technological revolution, the destruction of irreplaceable natural resources, pollution and baby-boom in the regions with the very limited food resources make it increasingly problematic for humanity survive.  
Therefore, development of humanity in the XXI century must be holistic and coherent, covering all aspects of the life of society. This runs into the problem of globalization management, creation of planetary authorities with the ability to make decisions and implement them in practice. With the prevailing today negative trends self-preservation becomes much more important than self-governance. There is no reason to bring the principle of freedom to absurd, which is threatening the world. Perhaps our crazy world, which has swallowed up millions of its children, will finally become prudent for the sake of its own civilization. That would be the most important collective decision in the history of the Earth.
To preserve the unique celestial body in the whole Universe, the planet inhabited by intelligent beings, today's self-interests and mutual suspicion must give way to understanding the integrity of the world, mutual dependence and mutual support as the fundamental principles of relations between people and nations.
At the same time, appealing to the common future of humanity does not mean striving for some kind of enforced uniformity. In contrast, the mosaic diversity of the world was and remains one of its most attractive features. At the core of the "new world organization" under globalization of management lays mutual recognition and respect of the differences among social systems, cultures, ideologies and traditions, the assumption of the existence of a different way of life, but not to the detriment of others. This is the only way to achieve stability and common prosperity. Otherwise, conflicts and confrontations will continue splitting the world.
This implies a fundamental conclusion: inside of the newly found unity, neither culture should dominate while cultural diversity should remain the common heritage of all mankind. Neither values system ​​should be imposed as absolute. Every nation has the right to choose its own democratic way of development taking into account the specifics of its culture and historical background.
The realities of contemporary human society require it to listen carefully to the wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr.: "Sooner or later all the people of the world will have to discover a way to live together in peace, and thereby transform this pending cosmic elegy into a creative psalm of brotherhood."
It is very important that the mankind does not run late with this.
In politics, it is rarely possible to meet people who came to public service for the sake of serving the interests and goals of society. Typically, incentives are ambitions or hidden desires for money-grubbing, and often all together. Often these people feel comfortable and superior when others feel helpless, weak and humiliated. For these reasons, the behavior and actions of politicians, especially on a national scale, should be controlled by some external force, supervising them. Especially because such politicians often oppress their own people and go beyond the control of the public and the entire population of their country. This can be often observed mostly in the developing and underdeveloped countries. Many of these national leaders, even those who come to power by democratic way, over time, begin to behave like leaders of a predatory group, sort of an organized criminal group, but formally rather legitimate. Sigmund Freud reasonably believed that many leaders are not driven by love to people and country, but rather by the complex of power and destruction, hidden cynicism towards others.
Global Governance should not be built on expectation that among the leaders of the states we will see people such as George Washington, Franklin Roosevelt, Charles de Gaulle, Margaret Thatcher, Konrad Adenauer, Ludwig Erhard, Mahatma Gandhi, Deng Xiaoping and the like. These expectations are groundless. Modern politicians are often made of a poor quality human material that they need to be supervised to avoid them going over the limits, forgetting their conscience, public duty and planetary interests.
It is essential that such politicians, the state machines of all big and small countries, are supervised by the global authorities, which will serve as intermediaries between these politicians and the highest judge of the heaven, which is not always remembered on Earth. It should be impossible to avoid such global authorities, which are not guided by a narrow regional or national interest, and especially personal, but rather by the global interests of humanity.
The “new organization of the world" should not originate from the some cult-Masonic circles or oligarchic environment of transnational companies and financial corporations. In order for the "new world organization" to develop without hidden perversions and covert ambitious frills of particular individuals and nations, it must be originated by the minds of people, concerned about the future of human civilization and taking responsibility for it. It is also important that the "new organization of the world" is based on civil democracy, humanism and justice, and assumed as main condition and ultimate goal - planetary reconciliation of nations, states and religions, formation of global civil society.
The higher planetary authorities can be represented as following:
- Committee of the High Commissioners;
- The Parliament of the United Nations;
- World Government;
- Board of Planetary Security;
- Center of the Earth's Civilization.
Modern civilization is undergoing ideological crisis, and therefore the conversion of its governance should be comprehensive, not limited to any particular sphere of power and public life. Perhaps, this is the reason why the Vaclav Havel’s project on world government was not successful.
Committee of the High Commissioners should be the most senior strategic and governing authority of the world. The Committee is formed by an equal number of representatives from each continent of the world - Europe, Asia, North America, Latin America, Africa and Australia. The principle of representation - 5 people elected by a joint meeting of the parliaments of countries from each continent, from among persons of high intelligence and impeccable reputation for a term of 10 years. This same term applies to a person who has come to replace the High Commissioner, who for some reason left the Committee.
The Chairman of the Committee, the First Deputy, and two other Deputies, the Secretary (or Chief of Staff) should be elected out of 30 High Commissioners. The Chairman of the Committee should be elected out of candidates from developing countries. The five free vacancies that became available due to the results of elections should be filled by the elected candidates from the continents of the Committee leaders.
Decisions of the Committee of the High Commissioner should be made by qualified majority of at least 23 votes out of 35.
The headquarters of the Committee could be based in Europe, in the country with lowest level of crime and good traditions of international relations.
The Parliament of the United Nations will become a supreme legislative body of the planet with parity based representation - equal number of deputies from each continent. The parliamentarians are delegated for a five-year term by a joint meeting of the parliaments of a particular continent from among the bona fide and qualified experts in the field of international law.
All legislative activity on issues that go beyond the individual states will be concentrated in the Parliament, which will also serve as the Court of Appeal for inter-country disputes caused by the legislative and other collisions.
At the same time the Parliament of the United Nations together with other bodies of planetary management is designed to solve problems of forming the global civil society, promoting fair democratic states, serve as advocate and main speaker for the world public opinion.
Laws and decisions of the Parliament of the United Nations adopted in the framework of its powers will prevail over the decision of the parliaments of individual countries.
The Parliament could be located in the Northern America (USA) drawing on the experience and traditions of the United Nations, which could be transformed into a planetary legislative authority. This solution finds its justification in the fact that in recent years, the UN is undergoing a protracted crisis and experiences criticism from many sides, and it was not even able to enforce its own Security Council’s resolution.
The World Government will represent the highest operational and executive body of the planet. It would be formed on a parity basis from representatives of the continents of the world after the election of the Parliament of the United Nations, as members of the World Government should go through the process of parliamentary approval. Outstanding professional managers with an independent and objective way of thinking should be elected to the government.
Given that 60% of the world's population lives in Asia and in 2025 despite the expected increase of African population by 2,1 times, Asia will be the most populous continent (4,9 billion of the 8.4 billion people ) it would be reasonable and fair, if the World Government will be based in one of the Asian countries.
Planetary Security Council will be an independent body protecting the safety of the Earth. Its personnel would be determined by the Committee of the High Commissioners, which will make decisions on all organizational matters.
Planetary Security Council should have Secretaries in each country of the world with the right of ex-territoriality and diplomatic immunity.
The main function of the Council would be to track technology and scientific research projects and other things that may harm the security of the planet. If they exist, the Council proposes measures to the supreme power authorities of the Earth to suppress their fatal consequences for human civilization. The Council also oversees the process of complete demilitarization of the planet and reports to the Committee of the High Commissioners.
Chairman of the Planetary Security Council becomes a member of the World Government outside of quota, and shall serve as the Commander of the Planetary Forces of anti-aggression response, which are used by the decision of the Committee of the High Commissioner for possible attempts to curb aggression in relations between states, or in cases of flagrant and grave violations of the rights and freedoms of people by the authorities of particular countries.
The latter provision is explained as follows. Since the concept of democracy emerged in the lexicon of humanity, the head and the leaders of many , who came to power by a legitimate and  democratic way, soon degenerate into dictators, shamelessly violating the dignity of citizens, and depriving them of their lives without any hesitation. Many examples of such degradation can be found in the past and in modern times. Typically, such regimes are living as long as the protest to such despotism is exploded inside of the country itself, but the people psychology of slaves are not able for such protest and therefore continue carrying their cross. Other countries limit themselves to a passive contemplation of what is happening, considering it an internal affair of a state governed by a scoundrel. Today a false and perhaps hypocritical absolutism of sovereignty with obvious despotic regime serves as the shield guarding them from international community.
And it is unfair and unacceptable. Real civil democracy should not remain merely a privilege of the advanced countries, but should exist in each country.
Center of the Earth's Civilization should be formed and operate under the auspices of the Committee of the High Commissioners and serve as its research and forecasting agency. Its functions – working on the measures to protect the planet from the potential dangers from the outside, organization and maintenance of the research to help neutralize the threat of terrestrial origin, and based on concentration and coordination of scientific and technical knowledge intensively strengthen the aggregate intelligence of humanity for the sake of all earthlings.
Based on the direction and content of its activities, the Center will closely work together and cooperate with the Council of Planetary Security. Both authorities will ensure the oversight of the research projects around the world and usage of their results for the common and with creative purposes.
All five bodies of planetary control can be created under the condition of mutual confidence of states, peoples and national leaders, in an extreme case of a qualified majority, including among the Big Eight.
* * *
All issues related to restructuring of human civilization management system, which require long-term and substantial preliminary work, should be entrusted to the United Nations, as it perfectly fits this role. The preparatory phase should be culminated by adoption of the Global Contract, which would stipulate the global authorities and their powers, establishment requirement and functions.
The UN should continue working in its current capacity until adoption of the Global Contract and the UN’s transformation into the Parliament of the United Nations.
IV. Center of Earth's Civilization
The World Government restructuring process (provided this is the will of people) would as earlier mentioned require a lot of time. But creating a Center of Earth's Civilization is relatively autonomous and rather urgent. The need to unite into a single entity and coordinate global intellect and other capabilities of human progress is long overdue. Center - the forerunner of a new world order. The Center will have to form a Working Group that will consist of scientists and specialists from different branches of science and practice. The Group will elaborate the first draft of basic documents for the planetary government, as well as the original algorithm of gradual transition of mankind from biosphere into the area of noosphere.
Many things will be cleared out after elaboration of the expected organizational structure of the Center, which in a first approximation could consist of the following four institutions:
Institute for Studying of Extraterrestrial Threats
Laboratories or Research Areas
- Protection of the planet from the fall of large celestial bodies:
- Creation of super-lasers, ultra-long space nuclear missiles and gravity weapons, etc.
- Protection and Development of near-Earth space;
- Development of methods and bases for contacting with possible extraterrestrial civilizations;
- Search for alternative super-energies (antimatter, super-power, etc.), study of possible impact of the Universe expansion on the planet Earth.
Institute for Study of Terrestrial Threats
Laboratories or Research Areas
- Assessment and prevention of negative effects of destructive technologies;
- Assessment of the planet's resources and ways of solving the problem with lack of nutrition;
- Assessment and prevention of the consequences of global warming, desertification and other natural disasters;
- Demilitarization of the planet.
Institute for Moral and Physical Rehabilitation of Earthlings
Laboratories or Research Areas
- Development of information technology, the problems of education and formation of planetary knowledge society;
- Development of national languages, the language of global communication and its alphabet;
- Creation of the chronicle of the humankind and the database of world culture and history;
- Establishment of the universal principles of world religion, leveling the theological conflicts;
- Establishment of the ethical, philosophical and religious aspects of cloning of humans and their organs;
- Problems of interaction of cosmic intelligence, bio-energy, traditional and alternative medicine;
- Development of modern planetary aspects of the scientific heritage of Professor Vernadsky;
- Problems of the socio-economic prerequisites for the depreciation of the individual material possessions.
Institute on Global Issues of Governing Human Civilization
Laboratories or Research Areas
- Development of the Concept of "The Earth as a super-state: the world government and national establishments;
- Principles of creation and enforcement of the global legislation;
- Evaluation of capacities and rational specialization of national territories and regions of the Earth in the global economy;
- Introduction of a single world currency and assessment of its impact;
- Assessment of the role and prospects of the UN as a global legislative authority, world democracy and the formation of the planetary public opinion;
- Development of the "New Organization of the World" as a foundation for fair establishment of the human society;
- Development of robots and effective leisure time for earthlings;
- Drafting of the consolidated conceptual summary: "The Earth in the New Century."
The headquarters of the Center of Earth Civilization could be located in Russia or in another highly intelligent country, if it has better opportunities for equipping and financing of the scientific base of the Center. Its many laboratories would be rational to place in various other countries according to their achievements in a particular scientific area.
Vernadsky left behind some problems, as his lifetime was not enough to find solutions to them. In particular, he talked about the need for creation of the logic of events in noosphere, that we ought to know what mechanisms to apply in order to have the whole humanity (rather than some people) choosing the path of reason, acknowledging their involvement in the life on earth, their responsibility for world biosphere and the transition to noosphere.
Probably, some fragments of an answer to the above mentioned questions are contained in this conception, in scientific areas of the Center of Earth's civilization. But all of it will be possible only if humanity will be able to newly organize the world and its government, if the development of mind will have a scientifically guided nature. Uncontrolled mind, spontaneous technical and technological progress could result in tragic madness which threatens to destroy primarily the highest forms of life on the Earth. Today it is possible that because of irrepressible ambitions of particular nation or governing maniac, a great discovery or a brilliant takeoff of human thought will find unacceptably wrong use.
All listed above planetary authorities for the sake of humanity will bear complicated tasks of global importance on their shoulders, subordinating international law, development of communications, industry, agriculture, education and science, culture and health, international economic and political relations. It is difficult to determine “a priori”, but later in the working process and collaboration of the planetary government authorities the optimal relations will be determined. The most important thing - that they will unite people of highest intelligence on the planet both in professional, as well as moral aspects.
I would like to make clarifications on particular issues.
Speaking against the traditional religions, the French philosopher Auguste Comte (1798-1857), secretary and follower of Saint-Simon sought to create a new religion of humanity. At the core of this religion is humanity as a supreme being formed from those, who left a memory of himself in the devotion to the progress of civilization.
Moral principles of mass religions of the world are virtually identical. Differences of one religion from the rest - in detail, which is reflected in the dissimilarity of ceremonies, the difference between the historical roots and objects of worship, in the perception of life after death, etc. By emphasizing these differences, we cannot, in my opinion, say that some of the religions are better or purer than others. Among the adherents of any religion are scoundrels and unscrupulous, violent fanatics and murderers. No religion can boast of absolute holiness of all members of its congregation, therefore there is no reason for any religion to stick out its own and disparage other faiths.
Perhaps in order for the humanity to become one whole a world religion should emerge, which would include accepted by all fundamental precepts and preaching. But at the same time everyone should be tolerant to peculiarities of all existing religions. A human should have the right to choose: this why God created the Satan, to give a person the right to choose righteous or unrighteous path.
In the future prospective, in the "New World Organization," the formation of the new global code of ethics, rather than merger of religions or emergence of new religions, should take place. For all the diversity of interests, cultures, religions and traditions of various nations and peoples particular universal principles of life should be consciously recognized by an overwhelming majority of earthlings, if the world really wants to develop in an orderly and secure manner.
The expected consolidated code of ethics for human civilization should not be a strict universal imperative. But observing this code is desirable, because it will support the planetary interests and goals aimed at maintaining sound public ethics and common sense. Just this. All violent is false. But one thing is clear – without changing the soul and consciousness of people, we cannot fix their intentions and actions. The Code should be adopted jointly by the global community.
The truth should be the original motive for development of the foundations of world religion. The truth, which has become an axiom: Gods are not fighting  with each other because they are different faces of the same Supreme Creator, the consent is not found by their servants on earth, which is not always has to do with the desire to defend truly divine interests.
Center of Earth Civilization must act as a focus, which would cross the rays of the diverse spheres of human knowledge that have one common function – the function of preserving and supporting the development of our civilization, not letting it sink into the abyss of self-destruction, about which many world religions, perhaps not without reason, caution people.
Further, by its design the center will help establish linkages between scientists working in different organizations, countries and continents, and even in different scientific fields, thus creating and multiplying the effect of so-called "invisible colleges".
The Center itself, its institutions and laboratories should be very flexible, non-traditional. At first, they may be largely virtual, to resemble a kind of creative union of individuals united by common ideas and goals, working together without any formal ties over the collective search for truth. Under the auspices of the Center they can find each other and have ample opportunities for mutual exchange of information both remotely, and during the regular general meetings, establishing cooperation and engaging in discussions of different issues with scholars and experts in the bordering and related disciplines. The Parliaments of many countries may also be involved in these processes. In 1995 the German Bundestag established a Commission for “Protection of mankind and the environment" represented by parliamentarians from political parties, as well as scientists and experts. We assume that similar steps have been taken in other countries.
Over time, if circumstances so require, the Center and its department can become more steady. I am sure that many thousands of talented people in the world work on the subject, which will enter into the orbit of scientific and practical plans of the Center of Earth Civilization. However, these scientists work mostly separately, on their own, experiencing an acute shortage of opportunities for professional dialogue with similar scientists. The Center will open a highway for oncoming traffic.
The Center and “New World Organization" will contribute to using new ideas more effectively and for the benefit of people.  In many countries the principal innovations often aren’t applied in life because of the lack of flexible organizational capacity or necessary initial capital for their advancement in the industry. With the help of the Center and new social conditions on Earth any useful ideas and projects will become available to all countries and business people, accumulating in the world bank of ideas. Every idea will have an optimal structure to be applied in production, material and technical capacities of the world will be used for their implementation, they will have international nature, traditional patent barriers will disappear.
In reality we will come across a variety of innovative ideas: those requiring immediate support with further application in life, others - with negative consequences for civilization, which should be immediately suspended or further developed, turning their disadvantages into advantages. In both cases, it will not be the will and the decision of some local academic and business circles, but will become a business of people, who represent the interests of humanity. In such circumstances, the whole process of scientific analysis and its conclusions will get a different character and meaning.
The mass media reported on availability of scientific work, proving in principle the possibility that all moving vehicles on the planet - from elevators to space ships - can work from gravity and antigravity forces. The question arises whether it is possible to deepen and expand the study to be able to create anti-gravity shield for the planet? It was also reported about U.S. intention to create an unprecedented geophysical plasma weapon: the plasma of the ionosphere (the upper layer of the atmosphere) is heated by a powerful shortwave high-frequency radio wave, then the generated plasma formations are gathering in the channel and can be sent at any given region of Eurasia, including China, through antenna installations in Norway, Alaska and Greenland. Possible consequences - failures and accidents in electricity networks stopping life-supporting areas, spontaneous emergence of oil and gas to the surface, man-made disasters along the energy pipelines. The most dangerous is that the new weapon may become a catalyst for nuclear reactions, resulting in nuclear weapons explosion in the underground wells, nuclear power plants and nuclear waste storages will also explode. What is it? A man-made end of the world or if reasonably applied can be used for protection of Earth from uninvited strangers of the Universe from the space?
All similar cases should be subject to comprehensive collective discussion at the Center by the best scientific forces of the Earth, and their findings should be brought to the attention of the world government. The Center will perform in a dual role: as insurance against possible troubles and as a pledge to maximize the success of joint intelligence of mankind.
Jointly humanity today has vast knowledge, often having the nature of a fantastic breakthrough, and few people can even imagine about its possibilities. But every state, agency and corporation owns their secrets alone and hides them from others. A well thought-through application could greatly advance human civilization, but the divisive social structure of humanity does not allow it. The monopolistic ownership of such knowledge provides them with a sense of superiority over others, provides them with omnifarious super benefits, which is bad by itself, as it can create dangerous ideas in their minds.
Modern scientific and technological developments, especially in the field of nuclear, physical, chemical and biological research are becoming more and more incompliant with shaky and lagging behind in their development public and intergovernmental relations in the world. This does not create guarantees for safe application of discoveries and new technologies, which may also poses a threat to human lives and world development.
In previous years scientists could offer at least relatively effective ways for protection from each new weapon. Now it is not the case. There is no real prospective for future protection though scientific contra-developments. Therefore, the mankind, if it is shrewdly and in its mind, has one possibility - to change the political organization of the world, putting on the grounds of mutual trust and mutual responsibility. In the face of growing planetary threats playing “tug of war” and fighting between state, national and personal arrogance look like unreasonable, but very risky children games with the fire.
V.I. Vernadsky was convinced that science should be international and acknowledge ethic responsibility for use of its discoveries for creation of noosphere, the realm of reason, when the new forms of human life will emerge, in place of the old-fashioned. And most importantly, further he adds: "This must inevitably lead to the new forms of public life (underlined by the author), as the government obstacles for the freedom of scientific thought has emerged, while simultaneously the importance of science for the state has grown extraordinarily."
* * *
Organizers of the Center of Earth Civilization, especially in the initial stage, do not need so much knowledge of the details of the issues on which they will work on, as much as their ability to scaled abstractive, logical and intuitive thinking, the ability to tie into the system a variety of research areas. Overloading with details in lining up of the Center will not allow to see the forest behind the trees, will interfere with the ability to focus on non-standard formulation of the problem, on the need for a completely different approach to social system of the Earth, improvement of self-organization of the mankind, development of common rules of life on the planet. In 1921 Albert Einstein in relation to discussions about the relativity theory explained that an individual, who has nothing to do with physics and mathematics, can overcome the psychological obstacles of adopting new attitudes.
Finally, as Professor Vernadsky made an invaluable contribution to the science about the Earth and its civilization, it will be a totally fair and well-deserved tribute to his memory to name the Center after him.
According to the scientists, the planet's surface is gradually heated during the last decade, weather anomalies, aside from floods, vanishing glaciers and mud-slides, are causing devastating forest fires, dying green "lungs" of the Earth. We do not know where further, often uncontrolled by the international community strengthening of physical, chemical and biological studies, racing of the countries for development of new weapons of mass destruction, will lead the world.
Today no one can say quite definitely about the future of the planet, except for a very real threat of depletion of its natural resources, which is recognized by the living generations of earthlings. There are adherents of the theory of determinism, who believe that the law of aging and death applies to entire planetary life, predetermining the fate of civilizations. Some physicists have expressed the idea of ​​space death (from heat) due to alleged imminent collapse of all matter.
However it will be, the people must do everything necessary to allow human civilization to continue its existence without interruptions. It is not an analogy of the body and does not have predetermined life period ending with death. Human civilization is subject to repeating cycles of development, while people generally agree that they are rational beings and that their division into different societies – is a secondary phenomenon, which cannot be a permanent obstacle for the joint planetary actions.
For this the world should be organizes in a new way, which all sorts of presidents and mini-presidents, who having tasted the sweetness of unlimited power over the people, will resist by all means. But the new century, according to the Futurists, which promises to be unprecedentedly dramatic and poses, in my view, a global problem to humanity - to eliminate political violence as such and, therefore, does not allow the mankind to become a victim of its own power. Today unbalanced, not very sane politics can bring humanity to the brink of destruction. With availability of destructive weapons the role of each individual decision made by the leaders of militarized states has significantly increased.
Development of world systems of communication technologies creates objective prerequisites for uniting the world. An individual gets the opportunity to establish contacts with any person anywhere in the world. Earth space narrows and largely ceases to be a factor, disconnecting communication between people. In such circumstances, the state with its borders and customs, as the product of a long history, now looks a bit different. We need models of planetary thinking, associated with existence of previously unheard-of technologies of dominance over nature and over people, the growing remoteness of people from their natural habitat.
If you think about it, the XXI Century does not challenge particular national leaders and individual states, but challenges the mind and human civilization as a whole. Whether a decent answer to this challenge will be found, this will become clear in the process of activity of present and next generations.
The stated Concept of Conservation and Development of human civilization is a work, which is more an asset for the future and today it may seem far off. But this is wrong - the idea of ​​need for global transformation of the system and institutions of the world government is already in the air, and sooner or later it will take possession of all mankind, simultaneously establishing the world civil society. The main thing is to express the idea, because sometimes the question is more important than the answer, which will come in its own time. Modern ideas of the infinite divisibility of the atom, quantum-wave theory up to the concept of antimatter were created during the process of finding answers to simple question of the ancient Greek philosopher Thales of Miletus about the primary substance of nature, the simplest particle of the physical world?
Hopefully, the concept will be met with understanding, although the modern mentality, accustomed to complexity, often treats seemingly simple solutions with some suspicion. However, the good news is that humanity still has the desire for equitable social and political structure that would ensure the well-being and protect the rights of each person, and free the relationship of people from the greed and malice. The essence of the concept is that people should live in harmony with each other, with their own mind, the environment and planetary interests. Perhaps not so soon, but the mankind will come to it in order to survive, and not disappear.
The Concept opens a wide path for effective implementation of the idea of ​​globalization in its pure form, without modern attempts to use it locally in the economic and political interests of a narrow group of developed countries.
Working on this Concept the author used materials of the UN, scientists, including social historians engaged in the problems of human civilization, as well as notes and thoughts of the author in different years. From organizing and synthesizing all of this a firm conviction has emerged ­- humanity will never grow smart, no matter what incredible discovery it has made, if it does not dare to radically restructure the government of the of the Earth, subjecting all to the principle of trust and the rule of planetary interest. Otherwise, it may die from its own "achievements". Such a problem did not threat the mankind during the life Vernadsky.
There are reasons to believe that the "Concept" will be a guide for the deployment of basic research for the sake of the future, and the process of bring this idea into life will deliver a great moral satisfaction to the scientist and statesmen involved in its development.
                                                                           * * *
At the very conclusion a sudden question has emerged: how to appear in front of the public with such "Concept"? Submitting it as an individual initiative would be inadequate to the scale of the problem. It would be fair and preferable if this idea came from Russia, which has grown and developed the genius of Vernadsky. The important role may be played by the consent of Germany – a member of the European Union, which may jointly with Russia present this planetary endeavor.
21 November 2002, Almaty, Kazakhstan
* * *
About the Autor: Erik Asanbaev was born in Kazakhstan in 1936. The University education received locally and then deepened it in Moscow. He graduated from the graduate school of Moscow Finance Institute (1963), as well as from the Management Institute of National Economy under the USSR State Committee on Science and Technology (1975). He has a Doctorate Degree in Economics (1978) and was elected as a full member of Russian Academy of Economics and Business (1991).
Served as Deputy Minister of Finance, Deputy Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament and Vice-President of the Republic of Kazakhstan. During the period of 1996-2000 served as ambassador to Germany. Paid a business visit to 14 other foreign countries (to some on multiple occasions), including the U.S., the Great Britain, France, Canada, Sweden, Switzerland, China, Japan, South Korea.

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